Pascal Biosciences to Present at International Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceutical Summit

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON and VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, September 16, 2020 – Pascal Biosciences Inc. (TSX.V:PAS) (“Pascal”) has been invited to present at the International Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceutical (ICDP) Summit. Today Dr. Patrick Gray, CEO of Pascal Biosciences, will present advancements in each of Pascal’s three cannabinoid programs. The title of his presentation is “Identifying and Validating Mechanism of Action In Vivo and In Vitro”.


The Third Annual ICDP conference is the premier format for presentation of ground-breaking discoveries in cannabinoid drug development. As in past years, this conference is hosting top cannabinoid pharmaceutical experts developing therapeutics derived from cannabis. In addition to describing progress for Pascal’s programs in glioblastoma and coronavirus, Dr. Gray will also discuss plans for developing PAS-393 for treatment of cancer in combination with checkpoint inhibitors.  This will be a collaborative effort with SōRSE Technology and aims to characterize the safety, pharmacology, and pharmacokinetics of PAS-393 in a Phase 1a clinical trial.


“I am very pleased for the invitation to present Pascal’s work at this impressive conference,” commented Dr. Gray. “This validates the importance of our efforts, and we will be featured with other companies making significant advancements in developing cannabis-based medicines.”


The session featuring Pascal’s presentation is focused on preclinical testing of cannabinoid therapeutics. Dr. Gray will also participate in a panel discussion titled “Achieving the Ideal Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Profiles in Drug Formulation”.



About Pascal Biosciences Inc. 

Pascal is a biotechnology company developing innovative therapies for serious and life threatening diseases, such as cancer and COVID-19. Pascal’s leading portfolio for cancer indications features a small molecule therapeutic, PAS-403, that is advancing towards clinical trials for the treatment of glioblastoma; PAS-393, an immuno-stimulatory cannabinoid to be used in combination with checkpoint inhibitor therapy; and a B-cell targeted antibody for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and B-cell lymphoma.

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About PAS-393

Pascal has discovered the unique capacity of its cannabinoid drug, PAS-393, to reverse a common immune-evading strategy adopted by many metastatic cancers. Thus, treatment with PAS-393 may restore the ability of the immune system to recognize and eliminate cancer cells. This activity is especially important for immune checkpoint inhibitors, which depend upon immune recognition of cancer for their efficacy. Pascal is advancing PAS-393 as a combination therapy with checkpoint inhibitors for the 50% or more of cancer patients not currently helped by checkpoint inhibitors alone.



About PAS-403

PAS-403 is a mitosis inhibitor that blocks cell division. The cannabinoid-based product is undergoing development for the treatment of glioblastoma and brain metastases originating from other cancers. Several mitotic inhibitors approved for cancer treatment show substantial benefit in reducing solid tumors when combined with other chemotherapeutics. However, unlike PAS-403, none of these agents cross the blood-brain barrier and therefore have no activity on glioblastoma or other brain cancers.